East Lothian Council is to be applauded for seeking to make permanent and extend the 20mph zones in our towns and villages (Courier, August 19).

And this week we have also seen the Scottish Government pledge that ‘all appropriate roads in built up areas will have a safer speed limit of 20 mph by 2025’.

Studies show that 20mph limits have numerous benefits, reducing road casualties and noise levels, smoothing traffic flow, and increasing the numbers of people walking and cycling. We are all pedestrians and with our many narrow pavements, having cars pass more slowly and considerately is much less intimidating.

For cyclists, slower traffic means that our roads are not only safer but also much more welcoming.

The last 18 months has seen a fantastic increase in the number of families walking and out on bikes.

The positive impacts of lower pollution and increased active travel on our general health also reduces the burden on our NHS.

It is disappointing, though, to still see some drivers ignoring the speed limits. Such selfish and inconsiderate behaviour should not, however, mean that the 20mph zones be abandoned.

I hope that in time attitudes towards speeding will change the way those towards drink-driving did.

I would encourage everyone, not just those who drive, to contribute to the forthcoming consultation about 20mph zones.

In the meantime, I respectfully ask all drivers to please adhere to the limits.

Mark Holling

Grange Road

North Berwick