The people of East Lothian need to be on their guard.

Two chaps approached an old lady on Musselburgh’s Pinkie Road on Monday and asked her if she would like her garden tidied up.

She told them she wanted her high hedge cut.

That’s no problem, they said, and they agreed a price of £130.

The chaps did cut the hedge but made it worse than it was! It wasn’t cut straight.

They agreed that they would take all the hedge cuttings away.  

But they never and some were put in the lady’s brown bin, while the rest were all left for the lady to dispose of.

When they approached the lady to get paid, the  price had gone up to £260.

The lady, though, stood her ground and said £130 was all they were getting.

They weren’t pleased.

These chaps have a red van with extension ladders on the roof.

The people of East Lothian should be warned about these men, whom I believe are taking a loan of people like pensioners.

James Whyte