On a lovely day (Monday, July 22) we took our little granddaughter to North Berwick beach.

It was a very calm day and she wanted to go into the paddling pool by the sea.

Just as we were getting ready to go into the water, a man and his dog passed by the edge of the water.

The dog went in for a paddle and he then promptly did a poo in the water.

The man turned to me and said sorry – and at the time I thought it was only a piddle, and then he walked off and left it.

Another man and his family next to me were very upset.

So we collected plastic bags and went into the water to retrieve it and bag it.

But it had broken up in the water and contaminated the water’s edge.

I request that people with dogs do not encourage their dogs to defecate in the water.

If it is done on the sand at least it can be collected in a bag and removed.

North Berwick has gone to a great deal of trouble to keep the town clean for visitors and locals to enjoy.

It is impressive to see the very clean town centre. Let’s help them to keep it like this.

Margaret Lynch