With a vibrant culture that goes from strength to strength with every passing year, Berlin is a mixture of the old and new. Historic buildings form the backdrop to some of the most renowned street art in Europe. With a surprisingly low cost of living compared to other European capital cities it is no surprise that the city had become a hotbed for business.


If you find yourself headed to Berlin for a business meeting soon, read on for our guide to how you can make the most of the city when it comes to work, and of course, a little bit of play when your schedule allows.


Getting There

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First things first, you are going to need to get there.


Around nine flights a week depart from Edinburgh airport headed to Berlin. With an average flight time of around 2 hours it is possible to go for the day but when you do arrive in this cosmopolitan city, you will wish you had planned a longer stay. 


Berlin is serviced by two airports, Tegel and Schönefeld and even though Schönefeld is almost double the distance from Berlin city centre as Tegel the travel time from both is roughly the same.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is currently under construction and is slated to open sometime in 2020.


Tegel has no rail link to either airport but is well served by buses that can deposit you in the city centre in as little as 20 minutes when you take the Jet Express Bus. If you are flying into Schönefeld, you can choose from taking the train or bus into the city.


Both airports are well served by taxis with official taxi ranks being well marked and easy to access. If you prefer to get around the city under your own steam, there is also the option to hire a car from either airport.    


Find out more about getting to and from Tegel airport here.

Find out more about getting to and from Schönefeld airport here.


Where to stay

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Savvy business travellers will want to be centrally located and there is no better place to stay than Museum Island. Home to some of the most prestigious institutions in the city you will also find luxury accommodation in Berlin that caters perfectly to those visiting for work.


Look for accommodation that offers you everything you need to be productive on the go. Free Wi-Fi is a must but be on the lookout for hotels that also offer places to meet with your colleagues. We particularly appreciate spots that have both bookable rooms complete with resources like projectors and flipcharts and more informal meeting places that do not need advance bookings.


If your hotel has a bar or café you might even find yourself doing a spot of networking in the evening with your fellow business travellers.


Eating out

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With four different Michelin starred restaurants in the city centre to choose from you can be assured of wining and dining potential clients or new partners in style. Richard is the latest restaurant to hit the Michelin scene and serves up delectable French food in contemporary and chic surroundings.


If you are in Berlin on business with a budget that is more economy than executive, don’t fret. You can easily impress for less thanks to the array of trendy yet affordable eateries in Berlin. Give Kater Schmaus a try. Seasonal menus, an art gallery and a co-working space make this the perfect place to get inspired work done.


Make space for me time

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Getting the work life balance right is a vital skill of any business traveller. Whether you have an hour to spare or have managed to carve out a whole day for personal time there is plenty to see and do in Berlin.


If time is short celebrate your down time with a drink at the Klunkerkranich roof top bar for a panoramic view of the entire city, it is the perfect way to take in the sites before heading back to the airport.


If you have more time to spare, try a walking or bus tour to really get a feel for the ambience of this glorious city. This is an especially good option if you have free time before your work commitments start. It will help you understand the layout of the city better and allow you to get where you are going in a more relaxed manner. 


Whether your business needs take you to Berlin for a day or longer, one thing is sure you will soon be making plans to come back and enjoy the city at your leisure.




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