THE Brexit countdown continues and last week saw another series of votes in Parliament, with MPs attempting to take control of the situation.

I voted against Theresa May’s deal, which had not changed in any meaningful way since the first vote. I also voted to stop us leaving the EU without a deal.

The last vote was for Parliament to take control over the timetable of events. I supported this amendment but unfortunately the vote was lost.

The Government have responded by saying that if there is not a deal we still run the risk of leaving with no deal.

So where next? Two Parliamentary colleagues, Phil Wilson and Peter Kyle, have been working on a backbench amendment seeking a compromise.

The proposal would be the same as was used to bring the Good Friday agreement into law. The legislation would state that if the public vote in favour of the deal it would become law.

It would enable the public to make a decision on whether the deal on the table is what they want. If voters choose not to go with the deal, then we would stay in the EU with the same deal we have now.

This compromise is the best chance to break the deadlock in Parliament. It gives both sides the opportunity to spell out how the deal will affect our future with evidence rather than slogans.

Theresa May sees no problem in asking MPs to vote again and again on her deal, expecting people to change their minds. Why should the public not also have the opportunity to change their view? A vote based this time on knowing what the facts are.

I will continue to stand up for what I believe to be in the best interests of East Lothian and fight for a better future for our young people.