BARELY a day now goes by without further evidence of the damage that would be inflicted on jobs and the economy if the UK departs the EU without a deal.

The Governor of the Bank of England said a no deal Brexit would result in an “economic shock” for Britain, while the CBI has warned that a no-deal Brexit would be a “multi-million-pound blow” to the Scottish economy.

Last week, Ian Murray MP and I wrote to the Home Secretary regarding yet another problem we face in the event of a no-deal Brexit; the profound levels of uncertainty for the university sector in Scotland. In particular, we have highlighted the threat to both income and research in Scottish universities which could be caused by new arrangements for students from abroad studying here.

A no-deal Brexit would limit EEA citizens arriving in the UK after March 29 to live, work and study for a maximum of 36 months. This would affect our unique four-year degrees, with a no deal potentially deterring EU students from coming to study in Scotland and weakening our world-leading universities.

These warnings cannot be dismissed as ‘project fear’. They are about the reality of the impact of Brexit on millions. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be at risk if we leave the EU without a deal, with East Lothian suffering as much as anywhere.

Given the damage we know Brexit is set to inflict on our economy, jobs and education, I am delighted that my party’s leadership has finally confirmed that, after being unable to persuade Parliament to accept our alternative plans, we will now support a second public vote.

If we secure this final say on Brexit, I believe remain should also be on the ballot paper. This would give people here and across the UK the chance to vote for the best deal available – the one we already enjoy as a member of the EU.