As an SNP member, I believe that the problems on the railways should be tackled through cross-party unity. I feel so outraged regarding this! Something needs to be done!

I live in Musselburgh and have a seasonal annual rail pass (North Berwick line).

I have been getting the train for the last four years and have seen a steady decline in service. Where once I was able to get a seat on the 7.44, I am now regularly left standing on the platform; that’s if the train turns up.

Three times in recent weeks I was left standing on the platform, unable to get on an overcrowded train. I have been late for early meetings or generally late for work and have to make time up due to cancellations.

One day recently my 17.15 train was also cancelled (this also happens quite regularly). My son is in a local nursery and needs to be picked up before 6pm or I incur charges for being late.

So who picks up these charges? Who picks up the emergency taxi fee from Waverley to get my son? It’s me!

On top of my season pass and exuberant nursery fees, I am left covering the cost of rushing back from work because of an unacceptable and terribly unreliable service from ScotRail.

With new developments such as Blindwells, new houses at Tranent and Prestonpans, and Wallyford doubling in size, when is anyone at the Scottish Parliament going to realise that sooner rather than later there will be a huge workforce unable to get to work?

Yes, ScotRail is putting new trains on with six carriages; but these trains are already near to bursting. ScotRail has no intention of putting more trains on the line.

I listen to people complain about the state of the rail service on a daily basis. We hear regularly from ScotRail how this service will become a utopia of travel. It’s quite clear that it will not.

Hasn’t ScotRail had its chance to improve this Scottish service?

Isn’t it time the Scottish political parties come together and kick Abellio out?

It isn’t acceptable for the SNP Transport Minister just to come out against ScotRail and say: “Oh, it’s shocking and unacceptable.” Wouldn’t it be better to take some form of action?

The people of Scotland are paying a heavy price here not just in monetary value but in terms of their careers, health (travel stress) and valuable time.

Robert Keenan