MOTORCYCLING is a popular pastime in East Lothian. With the welcome better weather, enthusiasts, whether resident in the county or not, will be dusting down their bikes and heading off down the coast and other rural roads.

East Lothian has an abundance of attractive roads for the motorcyclist. With this in mind, it is worth highlighting that our roads policing unit has a number of weekends of action coming up over the spring and summer months.

Far from discouraging people from enjoying themselves, the objective of these weekends of action is to promote safe and responsible motorcycling throughout the road network and to reduce the number of casualties resulting from road collisions and improve driver/rider behaviour.

Roads policing officers will be conducting high-visibility patrols on key motorcycling routes, engaging with bikers and, where appropriate, enforcing legislation.

Of course, the message is for all road users, whether pedestrian, horse-rider or car driver, to look out for each other, and help us keep East Lothian’s roads safe.

Another campaign that Police Scotland is supporting is raising awareness of the importance of software updates for all your devices. Updating your software is one of the easiest ways that everyone can make themselves much safer online.

Cyber Aware promotes awareness amongst the public to encourage simple secure online behaviour to help protect themselves from cyber criminals, and simple and trusted information on these updates can be found at ware-updates We will be promoting both of these initiatives via social media, so please look out for more useful information by following us on Facebook and Twitter.