LAST week proved to be an interesting one as Westminster voted to push the Brexit Bill through and Nicola Sturgeon made her referendum plans known.

So much has been said about another referendum of late, but something needs to be done. We did not choose to be in this position, but we must have a plan in order to survive and flourish post-Brexit. Things are different now than they were two years ago, our relationship with Europe and our identity as a country are at risk.

Brexit brings no reassurances to our country or the people who live here. We have provided Westminster with proposals in an attempt to find an agreement, yet they flat out refuse to respond. Indeed, no sooner had the First Minister’s announcement been made than Theresa May insisted “now is not the time”. As usual, the Westminster Tories stamp on the democratic will of the Scottish people.

The Tories had a humiliating u-turn when they broke their manifesto pledge by raising the taxes of the self-employed. But really, it’s no surprise they’re breaking their manifesto promises when they can’t even stick to the law about election campaigns. Being fined £70,000 for improper recording of campaign expenses must be humiliating. How can they expect the trust of the people when they continue to lie to them and comfort them with false promises?

Take Brexit, for example. Theresa May keeps talking about the importance of a “hard Brexit”, but they haven’t discussed their plans for the British economy once it’s left the EU. It’s obvious they haven’t thought this through.

In other news, I had the pleasure of attending the East Lothian Instrumental Music Service’s Showcase Concert last Wednesday. The music was uplifting and the talent was apparent and it’s tremendous to see them continue their strength from year to year. I didn’t think they could improve from last year, but they’ve gone and outdone themselves yet again. I wish the best of luck to all involved.