East Lothian Council has given ‘permission’ for an organisation ‘Co-wheels’ – charity number SC396022 – to ‘reserve’ a parking space in the Glebe car park and to take up three spaces in the Imperial car park for two electric cars to be located there.

That’s four parking spaces lost for locals and visitors who could be spending their money on High Street – shops, cafes and restaurants. What planet do our local elected representatives come from?

Were there other locations considered? How about the Gardeners car park (Scottish Seabird Centre car park), still contentious with many locals – one charity helping another charity out? Also, it is covered by security cameras and two electric vehicle charging points there would enhance the Seabird Centre’s supposed ‘green credentials’.

How about the under-used community centre car park, or indeed the very under-used Recreation Park car park, at the rugby club?

What about Tesco car park in North Berwick? Co-wheels already use Tesco in Haddington. What about the parking spaces at the sports centre? I could go on but common sense doens’t appear to work with our elected officials.

I am informed by one of our local councillors (David Berry), this is with the blessing of North Berwick Community Council – strange when I spoke with a member last week (Bill Macnair) and he knew nothing about this Co-wheels.

I am surprised North Berwick Business Association has not got more to say about this given that parking is at a premium in the centre of NB.

Finally, what right has East Lothian Council to take a valuable space away in a public car park viz Glebe and three spaces in the Imperial car park, which last time I checked was common land?

Many years ago, the council placed parking meters here and my late father, who was chairman of the community council, had them removed as they were on common ground, and belonging to the people of North Berwick!

I do not recall seeing any planning applications for ongoing work in the Imperial car park.

East Lothian Council, it would appear, care little for North Berwick and its residents but we are ‘stuck’ with who we elected – not many of us old-timers who know the history are left but I always will fight for North Berwick.

Lastly, all my family and friends will be parking in any of these spaces when free.

John E Millar Dirleton Avenue North Berwick