As a longtime regular visitor to East Lothian, I have followed the Sainsbury’s supermarket saga with interest, aware that as Haddington grows, so does its shopping needs.

Your story about lack of progress in the Sainsbury’s development (Courier, April 24) does not surprise me, however.

Here in my home town of Buckingham, Sainsbury’s successfully applied for a supermarket with petrol station and parking for 395 cars in 2013. Critical to that application was that the company would provide a new medical healthcare centre for the neighbouring 700-home development.

Two weeks ago, with those homes now built, Sainsbury’s withdrew its application, and with it the health centre which it would have financed.

The reason the company gave is similar to that for Haddington: “In the period since the proposals were first announced in spring 2013, shopping patterns have changed considerably.” So my advice to the good people in Haddington is: don’t hold your breath.

Mark Cole Buckingham