I was very surprised to read in the Courier that the management committee are toiling to find new committee members for Port Seton’s John Bellany Day Centre and an appeal made via the newspaper for interested parties to come forward.

Why was I surprised? I was phoned by Evolve and invited for an interview on April 2, which was the day before Good Friday. I was given the choice of four times but I pointed out that I was at work for the first two and had already appointments made for the evening. I asked for a suitable alternative date but was told in no uncertain terms that this was the day that suited the committee and there were no alternatives – quite an autocratic attitude to have towards recruiting potential voluntary members.

I have since heard that there were further interviews held but I was not invited to attend. I have a lot to offer the centre, who have given us so much. I have a business degree, manage a faculty in a secondary school, and have served the Girl Guides as a commissioner.

I find myself wondering how the staff and volunteers feel when they hear that no one is stepping forward to help them or show an interest in what they are doing for our relatives. This is not the case – I indicated my interest and I am still interested. My message to the committee, who in their written statement said “ we all want to get our lives back”, is give me a phone call... soon.

Moira Campbell Laburnum Avenue Port Seton