I am totally fed up writing to you about the proposed parking charges at our 10 local beach car parks.

I now see the police force are to dole out any fines for non-payment of parking tickets at beach car parks. This will be in addition to them policing our busy high streets and ticketing people who parked incorrectly?

I am sure that our respected police force did NOT join the force to collect fines for non- payment of parking tickets. This is absolutely outrageous. The police have more than enough to do dealing with crime, accidents etc.

We still have no details about where to pay for and collect season tickets for local people and any details of whether the season tickets will be transferable between family cars. Has anyone worked out any details yet – and when are we to be given details?

This is fast developing into a complete farce – and why on earth should parking fines go to the ‘Crown’ instead of the ‘hedged fund’ for improving local amenities.

If charges are going to be levied at Gullane, I will be notifying possible visitors via letters to the press that there are NO adequate reasonable toilets anywhere near Gullane beaches. I do not think anyone can expect people to pay for a day out when there are literally no toilets within reach of the beach.

I am sorry the police are even being involved in any way in this appallingly thought-out scheme, although they may well be called out to deal with accidents resulting from this scheme!

Pat Morris (Mrs) Hopetoun Terrace Gullane