With reference to the excellent article by your senior reporter relative to coastal car parking charges, I do wonder at the thinking and planning that our elected members have put into this misguided scheme that apparently, according to the council, has the backing of the majority of East Lothian residents.

As a regular dog walker, I am of course biased, but have yet to meet anyone who thinks that this is a good idea.

Your reporter is right on the money in suggesting that the streets nearest the car parks in Gullane will be clogged with most motorists dropping off passengers and looking for free parking. The same will apply on the narrow road towards Yellowcraig.

The chargeable hours don’t even make sense as you can currently park up to 10am on the double yellow lines on Marine Road in Gullane and at any time from September to April.

If this hair-brained scheme must go ahead, has any thought been given to issuing East Lothian residents with a permit at a nominal annual cost?

The enforcement of such measures will be an added burden to our already stretched police force and I frankly think that they will have much better things to do.

I am also given to understand that the SNP were the only party that has opposed this scheme and I will give you three guesses who all the dog walkers will be voting for.

Ian Dalling Hamilton Crescent Gullane