I read with interest the letter from N Gowers (March 13) about “nightmare” roadworks and fully agree with the comments about the absurdity of all the roadworks in the area being carried out simultaneously.

I had a similar experience when endeavouring to make my way back to Port Seton from Prestonpans.

After a number of twists and turns, trying to find a way out of the town by following the confusing notices, I discovered that Harlaw Hill had not been closed off, although it has been closed on and off for ages due to the scaffolding which seems to have become almost permanent.

It would not be possible to squeeze through the gap without damage to the car. I had to reverse, as did the car which drew up behind me, and went back up West Loan to Preston Road, where I was directed west in the direction of Musselburgh.

At last finding myself on the Mid Road (B1361) I thought that the problems were over. However, I discovered that the B6371 at the roundabout leading back to Port Seton was also closed, so I had to follow the A198 towards Longniddry, eventually returning to Port Seton by Fishergate Road and Fishers Road.

Such an experience would indeed have been a nightmare to anyone unfamiliar with the roads in the area, and Prestonpans in particular.

Robert S Fraser Port Seton