GLASGOW in the 1990s has been captured, warts and all, in a set of fantastic black and white images published for the first time.

East Lothian Courier: 1993 Scotland Pic: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

Leading photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert was just a few months out of college when he took these pictures - now, he travels the world on a variety of high profile commissions. His archive – almost a million photos – was recently acquired by the University of St Andrews.

East Lothian Courier: ‘No War in Gulf’ demonstration, in George Square, in Glasgow, Scotland, 2nd February 1991. Pic: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

These photos of the city and its people have been released in a zine by Café Royal Books, a publishing house which focusses on post-war documentary photography linked to Britain and Ireland. The works, which are included in prestigious collections at the Tate, the V&A, British Library and more, provide a valuable resource into cultural and social shifts in Britain and Ireland over the decades.

East Lothian Courier: Fair Fortnight festivities on Glasgow Green, in Glasgow, Scotland, June 1991. With fancy dress races and amusements. Pic: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

There are more than 500 books in the series, and subjects range from folk customs and protest to mining and industry, music culture, politics and religion.

Glasgow 1990s is one of two zines released this month featuring Jeremy’s work - recently in Times Past we highlighted his second, Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Scotland, 2002.

East Lothian Courier: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

Jeremy’s photos from the 90s capture city life in all its weird and wonderfulness, from children pulling faces against a backdrop of the infamous Red Road Flats, to Celtic fans’ ‘Sack the Board’ protest during a make-or-break time for the club.

East Lothian Courier: In Govan, in Glasgow, Scotland, 1992.Pic: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

There’s fish for sale in Easterhouse, scary Halloween masks in Govan, Fair Fortnight fun in the sun at Glasgow Green and political protest when hundreds took to the streets in opposition to the Gulf War.

East Lothian Courier:

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Some pictures - such as the shot of men burning scrap wire to retrieve the copper, with the remnants of the Glasgow’s Miles Better logo in the background - are a reminder of the bleaker aspects of the city’s past, while one of our hardy newspaper vendors has a starring role, on the day when news broke that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was out.....

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East Lothian Courier: Burning scrap wire to retrieve the copper within, with ‘Glasgow’S miles Better’ logo on wall behind, in the Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland, November 1993. Pic: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

Do these photos transport you back to Glasgow in the 90s?

East Lothian Courier: Easterhouse, in Glasgow, Scotland, 21st October 1994.Pic: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

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