PLANS to create a road linking Ormiston Road to Elphinstone Road as part of a new housing development have sparked concerns.

Walker Group is to apply for planning permission to build up to 550 homes on land south of Windygoul Primary School.

The firm’s Graeme Patrick told Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council that a road through the housing would exit the development at Ormiston Road and Brotherstone’s Way.

But he said that East Lothian Council wanted the road to continue on through adjacent land, which is being developed by another company, to join on to Elphinstone Road.

The new route raised concerns from community councillors about drivers using it as a shortcut to avoid roads which are already congested.

One Brotherstone’s Way resident told the meeting: “We’re concerned about the safety of children going to school, about it being used as a shortcut by drivers and the sheer volume of traffic it will bring.”

Mr Patrick produced drawings of the site but with very few details on them. The main focus was the proposed road through the centre of the site with a spur off to Brotherstone’s Way, as well as an area outlined for an extension to the primary school and a sports field.

He told community councillors: “We are sending a blank canvas to the community as it is about giving them a chance to engage before detailed plans are drawn up.”

Mr Patrick said that East Lothian Council had expressed a desire for the link road to go through his firm’s site and adjoining land which Mactaggart and Mickel were promoting.

But he said it was likely that the council would have to get involved as they disagreed about where the link road should go.

He told the community council: “The brownfield site is identified for employment but they [Mactaggart and Mickel] are promoting it as residential. We are going to try and work with them on the link road through the two sites but, if we cannot, the council will need to arbitrate between the two parties.”

Community councillor Robert McNeil said that there were concerns within the town about the traffic assessment for the developments, which could see up to 750 homes built between them if approved.

He said: “I do not agree with the council transportation’s view there is no need for a ring road round Tranent. The traffic impact on our community is going to be huge.

“Having to sit in traffic on High Street now is just horrendous at times.”