TWO kind-hearted neighbours have taken on a fundraising challenge with a difference.

Adam Cook and George Jack stood on trains for more than 20 hours as they travelled to Disneyland Paris, their annual fundraiser for Stand Up to Cancer.

The pair set off from Edinburgh and stayed overnight in York before setting off for the French capital.

Their efforts helped raise more than £2,500 for the charity.

Mr Cook told the Courier that “due to border control” the pair set off from Edinburgh Waverley on the evening of Thursday, October 5.

They then kicked off the second leg of their mammoth journey at 4.30am the following day, and stood on trains for 20 hours as they travelled to London and on to France.

Mr Cook, who works for Asda in his home town, said it was a “humbling” experience.

He said: “In York we were shouted over by a homeless squaddie who insisted on giving us £1.25 from what he had been given.

“On the train people wanted to buy us food and drinks.

“We were hugged, patted on the back, staff and customers were very supportive and wanted to take pictures of the two ‘kilted, crazy Scotsman with hearts of gold’.”

And the 49-year-old revealed they had been given more than £1,000 on the day.

“From Edinburgh to London and back we were given £1,062.09”, he said, while thanking the support from “Virgin East Coast Trains, Eurostar, PK Supercars, and the public across Europe.

Mr Cook was delighted with the trip, the fifth year he has taken on a Stand Up to Cancer challenge in memory of his father, also Adam, who died from cancer in 2013.

He has previously stood on Edinburgh trams, travelled to London and last year visited Paris but said this year he and Mr Jack, who joined in with the challenges three years ago, wanted to visit Disneyland.

He told the Courier: “We wanted to stand longer and further than last year.

“George and I are a great team.”

And Mr Cook revealed they plan to add a third member for next year’s challenge.

He added: “We are going to rope in another of our neighbours, so watch this space!”

Their fundraising total currently stands at £2,560 – meaning Mr Cook has contributed more than £12,000 for the charity over the past five years.