A RETIRED Port Seton couple who scooped more than £5million in the National Lottery at first thought they had only won £600.

Tommy Parker and his wife Linda were delighted when they thought they had won several hundred pounds on last Wednesday’s draw.

But that delight led to utter shock when a second check revealed that they had actually scooped the jackpot.

And the stunned couple admitted that Linda, who had already turned in for the night when the win was discovered, fell out of bed in excitement as they realised the true extent of their life-changing win.

Tommy said: “We must have sat up looking at the ticket again and again that night but the numbers remained the same.”

The couple are now planning for the future after taking home winnings of £5,014,254.

And first on their list is building their dream bungalow for Linda, who has battled severe fibromyalgia since the age of 30 and has further mobility issues caused by arthritis.

Tommy, 68, said: “It is all about Linda and making things easier for her.

“We love East Lothian and will build our new home here – we would not consider moving anywhere else.

“We couldn’t have better friends and people around us.”

Retired caravan site foreman Tommy and Linda moved to East Lothian from a village in Northumberland 17 years ago to be nearer their daughters Diane, 42, and Tracey, 44, who lived in Edinburgh at the time.

The couple live in a ground-floor flat near the seafront but are now planning to design their own bungalow which will meet both their needs.

Linda, who has just celebrated her 67th birthday, has plans for a large kitchen, woodburning stove and dressing room.

Husband Tommy, a huge football fan, says he has plans for “a man cave” complete with a 50-inch TV screen, while he hopes to be able to return to watch his beloved Newcastle United.

He said: “I haven’t been to a game since we moved.”

The couple were at home last Wednesday evening when they realised they had won the top prize.

Tommy revealed that he had bought his ticket from his local newsagent the day before, as he did twice every week.

He said: “Every Tuesday and Friday I go to the shop at 9.30am and buy my ticket from Taz [the newsagent]. I come home and put it under the biscuit jar in the kitchen until it is time to check it.”

The couple have been buying lottery tickets since the draw began in 1994 but the most they had won previously was £70.

They use the same numbers, which mostly relate to family birth dates, each week: 7,11,12,22,27 and 44.

On Wednesday, they matched five of their numbers in the main draw and 44 was selected as the bonus ball.

Ordinarily, this would not come anywhere close to a seven-figure prize but this was a must-win draw – and they were one of five winners to share the £25 million jackpot for matching the most numbers.

Taz Choudhry, who runs the newsagent on Port Seton’s Links Road where the ticket was bought, said he had been telling people for years that his store was lucky.

He said: “I am delighted for Tommy and Linda, they are a lovely couple and I couldn’t be happier for them.

“We’ve had a couple of customers before winning up to £20,000 and I have always told everyone my shop is lucky. Now they know it really is!”

The Parkers revealed their win at a press conference at the Macdonald Marine Hotel, North Berwick, on Tuesday.

They said plans were under way for a cracking Christmas with grandson Rory, 12, as well as a cruise getaway for the couple, who have been married for 47 years.

And Tommy revealed he spent the weekend painting his kitchen despite their new fortune.

He said: “It was needing done and I’ve made a start; it gives me something to focus on while we plan for the future.”