A ROW over the new home for a foundation stone from Cockenzie Power Station has been resolved after it was revealed it was being taken into temporary council care.

Prestonpans Community Council voiced consternation after it was claimed the stone, which was promised to the community when the power station closed, had been moved to Cockenzie House over the summer.

The community council said it had a long-standing agreement that the stone, which holds a plaque commemorating the laying of the power station foundations, would eventually be homed at Prestongrange Museum.

And at a meeting last month, members demanded the stone be returned.

However, Cockenzie House denied ever receiving the stone, which it has been revealed is still being housed on the power station site.

ScottishPower said it had contacted East Lothian Council about the removal of the stone as it carried out final remedial work on the land over the summer.

A spokesman said the council had agreed to take the stone into storage until it could be put on display at the museum, which is in the early stages of a redesign.

The whereabouts of the stone sparked anger from some Prestonpans community councillors, who alleged that the only claim Cockenzie had to anything from the power station was its name.

During the meeting, group vice-chairman Jimmy Yule said that the “only reason” the power station had not been called Prestonpans Power Station was that “when it was being built there was already a Preston Power Station and the authorities were concerned about confusing the two”.