COCKENZIE and Port Seton could become the first community in East Lothian to use silent fireworks for its annual Bonfire Night celebrations.

The idea of a noise-free display was put to the community council by members of the public at a meeting last week in the Port Seton Centre.

It was suggested that using the alternative to traditional fireworks would be better for pets, as well as wildlife, livestock and horses in fields who can become distressed by the loud bangs.

Graeme Jeffrey, community council chairman, said that it was something which could be investigated when planning for this year’s fireworks show begins in the coming months.

He added that, because of a late decision to cancel last year’s display due to a problem with paperwork, there will be more money available for funding the event this year.

Silent fireworks have been put forward as an alternative by animal welfare campaigners for several years and more than 20,000 people have signed a petition calling for them to be used at all public displays and private events in the United Kingdom.

The campaign comes after the local authority of a town in Italy called Collecchio introduced a law insisting fireworks must be silent in 2015.

Since then, quiet firework displays have become increasingly popular across Europe.

Last year, City of Edinburgh Council officials who were asked to look into the possibility of making the switch for the city’s famous Hogmanay celebration and other events came out against the idea.

They reported that audiences would be left disappointed without the loud noises and there was no evidence that the displays had a negative impact on people’s wellbeing.

They also claimed there was plenty of advice and support for pet owners to help their animals get through a display.

Their findings were approved by councillors by eight votes to five, with some claiming it was a “whitewash”.