A NORTH Berwick youngster is appearing on a national children’s TV show this weekend.

Carys Tulk, a pupil at North Berwick High School, features on ITV’s Spy School.

The 12-year-old is the only Scottish contestant on the show’s first series and appears in episode three from 8.30am on Sunday.

In the show, Carys and her friend Saffia, who is from London, are set a spy mission where they are required to complete a series of challenges, from code breaking and memory tasks to an assault course, to get clues and complete their mission.

If they beat the clock and complete their mission they graduate from Spy School.

Carys, a former Law Primary School pupil who lives in the town, said she was “proud” to be the only Scot on the show.

She said: “It was one of a few memories I will never forget and I am proud to be the only contestant from Scotland.

“The best part was having fun and making some new friends along the way.”

Her mum Kirsty explained how her daughter, a first-year pupil at the high school, first got involved.

“She applied with over 2,000 applicants and that was whittled down to 150 who went for an interview in Manchester and recorded [the show] in London,” she said.