A COMMUNITY councillor has voiced her concerns over speeding on Grange Road, North Berwick.

Claire Mackenzie, vice-chairwoman of North Berwick Community Council (NBCC) lives in the area and is worried about a “vast increase” in both the traffic flow and its speed.

At a meeting of the community council last Tuesday evening, she said that a number of residents had contacted her about the speed of vehicles travelling along the 30-miles-per-hour road.

And this week, she told the Courier: “I am concerned at the speed of the cars coming along Grange Road towards the sports centre from west to east.

“A growing number of cars don’t seem to recognise or respect that they are driving through a built up area and past two schools.”

Mrs Mackenzie also raised concerns about speeding on Haddington Road, particularly around Law Primary School.

On that issue, she said: “The cars seem to pick up speed past the primary school as if they have already entered a 60-mile-an-hour zone.

“The only traffic management around this area are the lollipop men and women who are there to help the children across the road at school time.

“I think that the opening of the through road will help but this seems to be continually delayed.

“The speeds there are getting a bit out of control,” she told the meeting.

And Mrs Mackenzie, who is a member of Law Primary School’s parent council and has two children at the school, hoped something could be done about the problems.

She added: “I think we need a bit of a speeding initiative in that [Haddington Road/Law Primary] area.”

Tommy Todd, the newly-elected community council chairman, said he would write to local police officers to make them aware of the residents’ concerns.