A FORMER community councillor has called on the group to help solve a long-standing traffic problem in North Berwick.

Linda Hall, who served for several years as a member of North Berwick Community Council (NBCC), wrote to the group about traffic on East Road.

Mrs Hall’s letter was read out by secretary Kathryn Smith at the group’s monthly public meeting last Tuesday.

She said: “I have become used to being very cautious of the blind corners of East Road. However, in the past few months the speed and amount of traffic on East Road have both increased to unacceptable levels.”

She claimed the road was “particularly dangerous” for “children and the older generation,” adding: “The visibility of oncoming traffic is obscured by the curves in the road. The increase in traffic can also cause long waits to cross the road.”

Mrs Hall, the community council spokesperson for planning until she retired from the role in 2015, also raised concerns with traffic at St Baldred’s Road.

She said: “On coming out of the Lodge to cross the main road to Greenheads Road, the traffic coming out of St Baldred’s Road and turning north on East Road cannot be seen until it is dangerously close.

“Several people in Greenheads Road support the idea of the installation of traffic lights at the junction of St Baldred’s Road and East Road.”

She asked for the community council to look into the matter.

Members also voiced their concerns and Olwyn Owen told the meeting: “I think this is an argument for 20 miles per hour speed limits.”

Kathryn Smith, secretary, added: “There used to be a reflective sign on the corner of East Road and I would propose that be reinstated.”

Hilary Smith, NBCC chairwoman, said: “I think we should write back to Linda and let her know that she has our support.

“I also think we should write to East Lothian Council about these problems.”

Meanwhile, a local resident who attended the meeting argued that improvements to the road surrounding the Gilsland Grange development in the town, including parking places, had never been carried out.

She said: “They were part of the conditions for the planning application and the houses have been finished for nearly three years.

“I have been campaigning on this for the last 18 months and contacted the council – I emailed the [former] councillors and only when I emailed them as a complaint did they get back to me, but nothing has been done.

“I hope that we are not having this discussion again after someone has been seriously injured.”

Jane Henderson, recently-elected ward councillor, said she would look into the lack of response.

An East Lothian Council spokesman said: “Passing places have been installed as required, although signage is to be put in place. The road services team are in discussion with the house builder about these being provided.”