A POLICE investigation into claims school pupils kicked an elderly dog as it waited for its owner outside Tesco has cleared the children.

Police received a complaint about the incident, which was said to have happened at the store in Musselburgh on Thursday lunchtime, after it was reported on social media.

However, the parent of one of the pupils told the Courier there was no contact between the youngsters and the pet, which was waiting in the store foyer for its owner.

He said: "The pupils were coming out of the store and warned their friend to watch out for the dog;  he jumped back dramatically and someone claimed they had kicked the dog. They did not touch it."

Tesco said it has handed CCTV footage from the time of the alleged incident to police.

Police have now confirmed they found no evidence of the incident.

A spokesperson said: "Police in East Lothian were made aware of concerns that a dog was kicked outside Tesco in Musselburgh on the afternoon of Thursday 18 January.

"Officers have viewed CCTV footage of the alleged incident, which confirms that the dog was not attacked and that no crime was committed."

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council also said an investigation was carried out by Musselburgh Grammar School which cleared the youngsters.

They said: "The school has identified and spoken to a small group of boys who were leaving the store and passed the dog. They made comments 'watch that wee thing' but did not approach or touch the animal. Tesco staff were also present in the vestibule area and didn't witness any incident as suggested." 

A picture of the elderly dog - described as a chihuahua called Ellie - was shared alongside allegations that the dog had been kicked by the children.

Facebook user Jai Houghton had urged people to share his post as widely as possible and it was shared more than 14,000 times on Facebook.

Mr Houghton, from Musselburgh, said he was told about the 'incident' by a witness at the store and shared it in good faith.

Mr Houghton, from Musselburgh, said he was told about the 'incident' by a witness at the store and shared it in good faith.

He has since taken down the post and apologised to pupils from the school.

He said: " This is an allegation not made by me but a worker from Tesco which I took forward because I am a pet owner myself. 

"I will now apologise to any pupil of Musselburgh Grammar who is in fact a model student."