A FED-UP resident is calling for CCTV in her street after her parked car was damaged in a hit-and-run on Sunday – the second time a car belonging to her family has been hit in the space of six months.

Joan McGrogan, 47, is concerned about the “horrendous” car crime on Eskview Terrace, Musselburgh.

She said that a Motability car belonging to her 18-year-old son – a cancer survivor – was also damaged when it was parked on the street last July.

No one was traced in relation to that hit-and-run incident.

Mrs McGrogan’s Renault Clio, which had its rear wheel arch destroyed in Sunday’s incident, had also been vandalised on a previous occasion, with its rear windscreen smashed.

“I haven’t even had the car a year yet,” she told the Courier.

Mrs McGrogan, who has lived on the street for 16 years, said that a neighbour’s daughter also had her car hit, with the driver initially leaving the scene, although the incident was reported to police the next day.

She said: “This road needs CCTV. How many more car crimes need to take place before someone takes notice?

“I would never spend money on an expensive car living here as I’ve had so many cars vandalised – scratched, dented and wing mirrors kicked off.”

Mrs McGrogan, who was woken by police telling her what had happened to her Clio after 10pm on Sunday, feared that the vehicle would be a write-off, leaving her without a car.

“It was an old car but a good wee runner,” she said.

Mrs McGrogan said that the vehicle was important to her as it signified regaining her confidence and independence after dealing with her son’s osteosarcoma – a bone cancer – and subsequent treatment, and also the anniversary of his one-year NED (No Evidence of Disease).

She said that her son was now unable to walk unaided as he had to have his knee and thigh bone replaced as a result of his illness.

“Having the car, which is specially adapted, allows him the freedom to move around because he is permanently on crutches. His Motability [scheme] car was replaced quite quickly,” she added.

“Speed is the issue on the road, which is a busy main road coming down from the bypass.

“My cat was killed last year by a driver who didn’t stop.

“At least CCTV would give the police an idea of whether or not it’s the same people who are doing it.

“My car was parked near a bus stop – all it would take would be someone to be standing there or walking and that would be it.

“It affects everyone at a local level, whether it’s insurance premiums, road safety or neighbourhood awareness.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police in East Lothian are investigating after a parked Renault Clio was damaged by a Honda Civic during a hit-and-run collision in Musselburgh.

“The incident happened around 9.40pm on Sunday outside an address on Eskview Terrace.

“Inquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact Musselburgh Police Station via 101, quoting incident number 3272 of January 7.”

An East Lothian Council spokeswoman said: “East Lothian Council monitors a number of CCTV locations across the county which are primarily situated within the main streets of each town.

“Unlike some other local authority areas which receive financial support from Police Scotland for CCTV, East Lothian Council has to fully fund the installation and upkeep of all CCTV and the staffing costs. It is not a statutory service and, in common with other council services, currently is under review and further expansion of CCTV is unlikely due to budget considerations.”