A QUOTE from Star Trek has been used to inspire pupils at a county secondary school.

Pupils returned to Knox Academy last month following the festive break and were urged to think about how they would react to obstacles and challenges.

Lauren Rodger, the school’s interim headteacher, paraphrased a famous line from the title sequence of the original Star Trek television series, which first broadcast in 1966 – more than 30 years before any of the students were born – with Star Trek: Discovery broadcast last year.

She also referenced a training exercise – the Kobayashi Maru – which is designed to test the character of Starfleet Academy cadets in a no-win scenario.

Mrs Rodger said to pupils: “Looking to 2018, I acknowledged that – while we hope for a good year for everyone – we are all likely to face failure, obstacles or things going wrong at some point through the year.

“What matters is how we respond to those situations.

“The story of the Kobayashi Maru test illustrated that we need to come at a problem from a different angle, try a different strategy or think differently.

“If we know we have the power to do that then we can be excited and brave about the year ahead and, perhaps, boldly go where we’ve never been before.”

In the school’s weekly update, Mrs Rodger, who was previously headteacher at North Berwick High School before taking over at Knox, told how she had spoken to pupils during assemblies about “the warm, positive relationships that are at the heart of our community”.

She said: “We cannot take these for granted, however; we must all make a conscious effort to be kind, considerate and respectful towards each other at all times.”