KNOX Academy pupils are being told to ditch ripped jeans and stick to the school’s dress code.

The fashion statement was highlighted by Lauren Rodger, the school’s interim headteacher, in the school’s newsletter earlier this week.

Mrs Rodger said: “Generally the majority of pupils at Knox Academy are following the school’s dress code, which is very pleasing.

“I am concerned, however, that some of our pupils are still wearing ripped jeans which are not part of the dress code and are not appropriate for a formal place of work and learning.

“I would appreciate it very much if parents and carers could ensure that their child does not wear such trousers to school.

“The dress code is a key part of the school’s positive ethos and I would welcome your support with this.”

The school’s website highlights that pupils are “expected to maintain a sense of decorum” and “bare midriffs or shoulders are unacceptable”.

Ripped jeans are not considered suitable at any of East Lothian’s secondary schools.