UP TO £1,000-WORTH of damage has been caused to playing fields in Haddington.

Deep tyre marks were left on the pitches, between Tynebank Road and Haddington Infant School, at some point between 3pm on Saturday, January 13, and 10am the following day.

The matter is being investigated by both East Lothian Council and Police Scotland.

Callum Colquhoun, one of the county’s community wardens, told the Courier: “It is quite a mess.

"There has been a problem with young drivers but that is the first time I have seen any damage like that.”

The pitch is occasionally used by the town’s junior football club, Haddington Athletic.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council added: “We believe that the damage occurred sometime between the pitches being used on the Saturday afternoon and council staff checking the site at 9am on the Sunday morning. The matter has been reported to both the police and the community wardens.

“The surfaces will be repaired but they will only recover fully once the growing season commences in March/April.

“The estimated cost of repair will be in the region of £700 to £1,000.”

Call Police Scotland on 101 with information.