A MOVIE script left on a computer for more than a decade has been brought to life in an author’s new book.

The Other Monarch of the Glen – described as “a humour-laced Highland fling” – was released at the end of last month.

Peter Kerr, the man behind the tale, revealed a change of computer prompted him to bring the story back to life.

He told the Courier: “It is set in 1990 and I actually first wrote the story – about 15 years ago – as a screen play.

“It was a 90-minute movie script purely as an exercise for myself. I had never done one before and I wanted to know how it all worked, how it was laid out and all the technical stuff that goes into a script.

“I wrote a script and nothing happened to it and I had left it on the computer until last year.

“I was changing computer and came across it and thought it was not a bad wee story.”

A year or so spent polishing the story, which is set in the Scottish Highlands on the fictional Strathsporran Estate, has seen it transformed from a screenplay to a novel.

The estate is playing host to a number of international guests who are paying to join a grouse shoot.

At the same time, Lord Strathsporran and a couple of guests are trying to work a big money scam.

Peter, of Haddington’s Chalybeate, said it was a question of who was conning who.

He added: “It goes on until the situation finally resolves itself and somebody makes a lot of money or does not.”

The 77-year-old has been a prolific, award-winning writer since he first put pen to paper.

A six-book series detailing his time in Mallorca growing oranges has proven a best seller, while the popular Bob Burns series saw him dip his toe into writing fiction.

In total he has penned more than a dozen books – with no intention to call it a day just yet.

He said: “I cannot stop – that’s the trouble.

“Shortly after I wrote that trial film script I thought I would try another one.

“I have never had anything to do with fantasy books, I’ve never even read it, but I wrote a film script based on fantasy.

“Like all my stuff it has got an element of comedy and it started from scratch.

“I know nothing about fantasy or fantasy film – it was an exercise. It has not even got a title yet!”

The author, who also wrote about his time in the music business as a member of The Clyde Valley Stompers, is aiming for that book to be released in the summer.

The Other Monarch of the Glen is now available to buy, including on Amazon.