CLAIMS that Haddington is the “forgotten” town in East Lothian have been dismissed by two local councillors.

The comment was made at a meeting of the town’s community council, attended by Provost John McMillan and Tom Trotter.

Chris McEwan, one of the community councillors, said he had been approached by members of the public when the town’s Christmas lights were being put up.

He said a comment had been made that “the town of Haddington is forgotten about by East Lothian Council a lot of the time”.

It was a comment that was refuted by both Mr McMillan and Mr Trotter, who have lived in the town for a combined 87 years.

Mr McMillan, who is also the council’s spokesman for tourism and economic development, highlighted a range of initiatives and projects improving the town.

They ranged from investment in schools and the new skate park to upcoming events to mark the 700th anniversary of Haddington becoming a Royal Burgh.

The councillor, who has lived in the town for 29 years, said: “We have to be positive. It is a tough time but despite that we have got £50,000 in the budget for the Corn Exchange, with £400,000 for next year and the year after. That is investment in Haddington.”

Mr McMillan also highlighted the biggest investment in East Lothian was the new hospital, which would be based in Haddington.

Another project is the proposed revamp of the town centre, which has seen the idea of a central square on High Street suggested, as well as changes to the parking layout on High Street and Market Street.

Mr Trotter, who was born in the town, similarly felt Haddington was treated fairly.

He said: “We come along to the meetings as elected members and listen to some stuff which is justified [but] we draw the line with some of the comments.

“The comments probably come from people that are not involved with anything that is going on.

“Just because there is not a council van next to an event does not mean there is no involvement.”

Mr Trotter, who was chairman of the Nungate Gala committee for two decades, added there was “no justification” for a comment suggesting Haddington was forgotten.