A SKATE park which opened last year is in an “excellent condition”, despite cracks appearing in the cement.

A six-year campaign by youngsters for a new skate park, costing about £150,000, in Haddington finally paid off last summer when it was opened off Whittingehame Drive, beside the town’s 3G pitch.

Previously, youngsters had used a smaller skate park in Neilson Park but approached Haddington’s community council in 2010 to see if a new facility could be created.

A special celebration was held last June when the skate park was opened by then East Lothian Provost Ludovic Broun-Lindsay and Gavin McManus, one of the youngsters who had urged the community council six years earlier to bring a new skate park to the town.

However, earlier this month, a suggestion was made that there were already problems.

Betty Sommerville, community councillor, said: “A person stopped me and said cracks were appearing down at the skate park in the cement.

“He is worried about the children.”

Councillor Tom Trotter was among those at the meeting in Haddington Town House and he said cracks often appeared in cement but he would pass on the issue to East Lothian Council.

A council spokeswoman said: “The skate park is in excellent condition overall.

“There are quite a few hairline cracks, which is expected from concrete expanding and contracting, but these don’t pose any safety risks.

“A few deeper cracks have already been filled and at latest inspection this week were found to be OK but there may be some remedial work required to refill cracks which may be affected by frost.”