EMERGENCY repairs are being carried out on a stretch of coastal road after a deep hole appeared.

East Lothian Council workers were called out to Dunbar’s Lamer Street after the hole was spotted on Monday morning.

A section of the street is currently closed but is expected to re-open this weekend.

East Lothian Courier:

Alasdair Swan spotted the hole while out walking his dog and raised the matter at the town’s community council meeting later that evening.

The community councillor told the Courier: “It had been discovered by somebody passing by, who noticed the hole in the road.

“Very sensibly, they had put a barrier in front of it to discourage people from driving over it.

“When I saw it, it was just a gaping cavern, it was a good 2.5 metres in diameter and a cylinder of nothingness.

“The only thing you could see was the mains water pipe running across it.”

East Lothian Courier:

The hole, which was estimated as being about two metres deep, has since been filled in but further work is being carried out to ensure there are no similar problems elsewhere on the street, which leads from the town’s harbours to Woodbush.

Concerns had previously been passed to the local authority regarding possible further fractures under the surface of Lamer Street.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “The road has been repaired; however, we are carrying out further excavation work on the street to ensure there are no further fractures.

“All going well, the road will be re-opened by the weekend.”