A DUNBAR woman who got behind the wheel after taking medication was involved in an accident – and later fell asleep in the back of a police van.

Charlene McFaul had taken prescription drugs before driving a vehicle along the town’s Countess Road at 1.10am on October 1 last year.

McFaul, 37, struck the side of a parked car and ended up with her vehicle on its side.

Rail workers who heard the crash and were working nearby then rushed to help free McFaul from the wreckage.

Last Wednesday, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard the mother-of-one was “embarrassed and upset” to find herself in court and admitted being under the influence of the medication.

Sheriff Adrian Cottam fined McFaul, of Ashgrove, a total of £400 and banned her from driving for 12 months. The sheriff admonished the woman on a charge of careless driving.

Fiscal depute Alison Innes told the court: “This happened at 1.10am and she collided with the near side of a parked car. She flipped her vehicle onto its side.”

Ms Innes added that McFaul fell asleep in the back of the police van which was taking her to Dalkeith Police Station.