THE story of a puppy stolen from his back garden and found nearly 250 miles away has featured on a national television programme.

Brady – a mix of spaniel, poodle and cairn terrier –went missing in August 2015 from his family’s home on Dunbar’s Beachmont Place.

Aime Sands received a call approximately a month later saying Brady had been found. . . in Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester.

Brady, along with Aime, featured on Channel 4’s Lost and Found before Christmas.

Aime, 25, who has since moved to Haddington, said it was “very emotional” watching the programme, which is presented by Lucy Alexander and Simon O’Brien.

She said: “I had to re-enact a lot of stuff, like going looking around and shouting on him.

“They had me going up to people and asking if they had seen my dog.

“They were asking me if he was missing again!”

The filming took place in 2016, with the programme originally due to be broadcast in April last year.

However, the programme was delayed and eventually was aired last month.

Aime, who is assistant manager at The Bell in Haddington, described it as “strange” watching herself on television.

She said: “Nobody likes the sound of their own voice!

“It was very strange seeing myself on the television.

“My mum, Elaine, was on just for a brief few seconds as well.

“It was very strange and did not seem real.

“They showed me finding Brady and that is when I started to cry.”

Brady had been playing with the family’s other dog, Blue, in the back garden of the house before he went missing.

The disappearance left Aime’s two children – Kyler, then aged three, and two-year-old Caeden – heartbroken.

Posters were put up in Dunbar highlighting Brady was missing, as well as regular posts on social media, which saw the message spread throughout East Lothian and beyond.

However, the call they had been waiting for would come from south of the Border.

Aime, along with her mum, who had previously visited Blackburn in Lancashire in the search for Brady, travelled south and were reunited at Gourley Veterinary Surgeons.

Aime, who now lives on Haddington’s Hope Park, was pleased to say Brady was doing well.

She said: “He is doing great – he is fantastic.

“There have been no further adventures – we’re definitely keeping a close eye on him now.”