A SIXTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD man who tied his terrier-type dog in a pillow case and left her behind a cement works has been fined £600 following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

James Warner, of Tyninghame, was sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after admitting abandoning Lily, who sadly had to be put to sleep.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA inspector Stephanie McCrossan said: “Whilst we respect that Warner has been dealt with by the courts, the outcome is particularly disappointing.

“Warner admitted at interview that he believed the dog, Lily, was dead, but was not entirely sure when he deliberately dumped her inside a pillowcase not far from his place of work.

“As can clearly be seen from the photographs Lily was in desperate need of treatment and was suffering from a number of chronic skin conditions which I believe would have been causing her considerable pain and discomfort.

“When I realised that Lily would have been trapped, alive inside that pillowcase for a number of days I felt sick.

“I lost sleep over this case and to find that he accepted a plea bargain and only received a £600 fine without a ban has been a heavy blow.

“This case really highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing.

“There is no excuse for animal cruelty and more animals like Lily are suffering needlessly.”