TALENTED youngsters at Dunbar Grammar School have had their achievements recognised.

The school held its annual awards evening with dozens of awards handed to youngsters, while music and entertainment was also provided by pupils.

Dee Davison, co-chair of the school council, praised the efforts of everyone involved with the school.

She said: “It is a highlight of the year.

“It is a great opportunity for everybody to celebrate all the great things about the school – not just the academic achievements of the pupils but all aspects of what the pupils achieve, whether that is in sport, performing or all the different aspects covered in the awards programme.”

The prizewinners were: Ryan Aitchison-Grieve – N5 Physical Education (Outstanding Achievement); Zoe Appleby – N5 English (Outstanding Achievement); Gemma Armstrong – N5 Modern Studies (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Maya Barnes – N5 Art and Design (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Alastair Bell – N5 Design and Manufacture and Graphic Communication (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Engineering Science (Outstanding Achievement); Cameron Bell – N5 Geography (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Robbie Bennett – N5 Hospitality (Outstanding Achievement); Lewis Cameron – N5 Design and Manufacture (Outstanding Achievement); Alastair Campbell – N5 Business Management, Music and Physics (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Geography; and Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Hannah Dickson – N5 Biology, English, German and History (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Louie Doig – N5 Physical Education (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 French (Outstanding Achievement); Cameron Elliot – N5 Modern Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Abigail Everard – N5 Geography (Outstanding Achievement); Lauren Everard – N5 Geography (Outstanding Achievement); Kieran Fairbairn – N5 Hospitality (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Molly Farrington – N5 French (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Art and Design (Outstanding Achievement); Lewis Flemming – N5 History (Outstanding Achievement); Sophie Graham – N5 Drama (Outstanding Achievement); Charlie Hamilton – N5 German (Outstanding Achievement); Anna Hedley – N5 French (Outstanding Achievement); Ryan Hitchcock – N4 Physical Education (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Carina Hodgson – N5 History and N4 Chemistry (Outstanding Achievement); Chloe Hood – N5 Drama (Outstanding Achievement); Olivia Laird – N5 Geography (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Mia Lorimer – N5 Biology (Outstanding Achievement); Abbey McArthur – N5 Accounting (Outstanding Achievement); Rebekah McArthur – N5 English and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 French (Outstanding Achievement); Erin McEwan – N5 Art and Design and Design and Manufacture (Outstanding Achievement); Tanith McGlinchey – N5 English (Outstanding Achievement); Sean McLean – N5 Accounting (Outstanding Achievement); Alison McLuckie – N5 Biology (Outstanding Achievement); Catriona McPheat – N5 Physical Education (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Music (Outstanding Achievement); Joanna McPhillips – N5 Mathematics and Music (Outstanding Achievement); Jack Miller – N5 Modern Studies and Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Tom Mullender – N5 Chemistry, Computing Science, Engineering Science and Mathematics (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Amy Munro – N5 Biology and Drama (Outstanding Achievement); Holly Nicholson – N5 Business Management and History (Outstanding Achievement); Josh Pacitti – N5 Computing Science (Outstanding Achievement); Louis Parker – N5 French (Outstanding Achievement); Paul Parkinson – N5 Computing Science and Engineering Science (Outstanding Achievement); Rachel Paterson – N5 Business Management (Outstanding Achievement); Angus Paul – N5 Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Beth Perdue – N5 Art and Design and Graphic Communication (Outstanding Achievement); Isla Renwick – N5 Practical Woodwork (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Christie Robertson – N5 Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); James Ronan – N5 Music (Outstanding Achievement); Hannah Russell – N5 Drama (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Marni Saunders – N5 Chemistry (Outstanding Achievement); Kyle Smith – N4 Physical Education (Outstanding Achievement); Lachlan Stewart – N5 Graphic Communication (Outstanding Achievement); Megan Stoddart – N5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Connor Tierney – N5 Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Kieran Trotter – N5 Business Management and Spanish (Outstanding Achievement); Cameron White – N5 Chemistry and Computing Science (Outstanding Achievement).

Senior presentations

Lucy Allan – H English and History (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and H Biology (Outstanding Achievement); Eddi Armstrong – H Chemistry and English (Outstanding Achievement); Arabella Baptie – H Chemistry (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and H Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Rhona Bell – H Chemistry (Outstanding Achievement); Andrew Bisset – H German (Outstanding Achievement); Anique Burke – H Drama and English (Outstanding Achievement); Roman Burke – H English (Outstanding Achievement); Heather Cameron – H English, German and Mathematics (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and H Chemistry (Outstanding Achievement); Jamie Cruickshank – H History (Outstanding Achievement); Caitlin Daff – H Art and Design and Physics (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and H Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Caitlin Dignan – H Business Management and N5 Biology and Spanish (Outstanding Achievement); Saffron Divers – H Geography (Outstanding Achievement); Morgan Forbes – H Music (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Hamish Gill – H Engineering Science (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and H Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Amelia Govan – N5 Drama (Outstanding Achievement); Callum Hill – N5 Modern Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Freya Holmes – N5 Chemistry (Outstanding Achievement); Lewis Hutson – N5 Physics (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Zosia Kuczok – H Biology and Modern Studies and N5 Mathematics (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Shannon Logan – H French (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Morgan Love – H Business Management (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Lewis MacPherson – H Music (Outstanding Achievement); Rebecca Marshall – N5 Biology (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 German (Outstanding Achievement); Ryan Martin – H Accounting (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Jake McClung – H Geography (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Cleodie McGregor – H Geography (Outstanding Achievement); Amy McLeman – H Biology (Outstanding Achievement); Sarah Moor – H French (Outstanding Achievement); Tamsine Muir – H German (Outstanding Achievement); Maeve Prior – H Music (Outstanding Achievement); Lauren Ramsay – H History (Outstanding Achievement); Matthew Readman – N5 Chemistry (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Jordan Robbins – H Design and Manufacture (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Jessica Robertson – H Physical Education (Outstanding Achievement); Alicia Sharma – N5 English (Outstanding Achievement); Rory Sommerville – H Graphic Communication and Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Alex Tait – H French (Outstanding Achievement); Lewis Thomson – H Music (Outstanding Achievement); Conor Watt-Douglas – H History (Outstanding Achievement); Hannah Watters – H Business Management (Outstanding Achievement); Maxwell Weaver – H Drama and Graphic Communication (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and H Art and Design (Outstanding Achievement); Callum Whitecross – H Computing Science (Outstanding Achievement); Manon Wimbledon-Hall – H German (Outstanding Achievement); Ava Woodburn – N5 Health and Food Technology (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Biology (Outstanding Achievement).

Amy Baillie – N5 Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Calum Barber – N5 Hospitality (Outstanding Achievement); Emma Barnott – AH Biology and Chemistry and H Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Chelsea Bisset – H Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Jorja Brady – AH Geography (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Lewis Campbell – H Physical Education (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and AH Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Milena Carlot Villon – AH Business Management (Outstanding Achievement); Harry Christison – H Modern Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Eli Cosgrove – N5 Biology, English and Geography (Outstanding Achievement); Alan Cowe – H Design and Manufacture (Outstanding Achievement); Nathan Cox – AH Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Scott Crawford – H Engineering Science and N5 Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Raymond De Los Santos – H Physical Education and N5 Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Moray Donn – H Drama (Outstanding Achievement); Struan Fenn – H Computing Science and N5 Hospitality (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Trinity Forsyth – AH Art and Design (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Lucy Hall – H Drama and N5 French (Outstanding Achievement); Jordan Hood – N5 Modern Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Joshua Locke – H Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Mhairi MacDonald – H Health and Food Technology (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and AH Biology and Drama (Outstanding Achievement); Duncan MacDougall – H Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Amy McAlpine – H Art and Design (Outstanding Achievement); Cameron McFayden – N5 Hospitality (Outstanding Achievement); Jessica Millar – AH Drama (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and N5 Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Leigh Morris – AH Music (Outstanding Achievement); Richard Mullender – AH Computing Science (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and AH Mathematics (Outstanding Achievement); Mhairi O’Donnell – AH Art and Design and H Graphic Communication (Outstanding Achievement); Ruth Patterson – AH French and Modern Studies (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Jamie Payton – AH Mathematics and Physics (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Reece Peffers – AH Computing Science (Outstanding Achievement); Cameron Renton – N5 Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Jack Seaton – N5 Art and Design (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Nathan Simpson – AH Business Management (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and AH Physics (Outstanding Achievement); Fergus Spowart – H Modern Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Anna Stevenson – AH French (Outstanding Academic Achievement) and AH Chemistry (Outstanding Achievement); Kayleigh Stewart – H English (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Cherie Walker – H Modern Studies (Outstanding Achievement); Isabel Wilson-Beales – H Biology and Business Management (Outstanding Achievement); Caitlyn Young – N5 Practical Cake Craft (Outstanding Academic Achievement); Struan Young – AH Music (Outstanding Academic Achievement).

Wider achievement

Senior schools mock court project award: Anique Burke, Heather Cameron, Elly Cornwall, Cameron Fairbairn, Iain Goldie, Adam Hodgson, Zosia Kuczok, Finlay McConnachie, Stephenie Ormond McGarry, Ruth Patterson and Manon Wimbledon-Hall.

UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge: Richard Mullender (Gold Award and Best in Year), Jamie Payton (Gold), Nathan Cox (Silver) and Lewis Campbell (Bronze).

East Lothian Construction and Technology Centre – Best overall student of the year: Cameron Renton.

Celebrating success – sports ambassadors: Olivia Rapson and Anique Burke.

Outstanding Performance in Athletics Winner of the Mrs W B Small Cup for 1st Year Girls: Louise Maguire.

Winner of the Calderhead Cup for 1st Year Boys: Rhys Black.

Winner of the Collin Cup for 2nd Year Girls: Alisha Mallen.

Winner of the W T Aitken Cup for 2nd Year Boys: Ben Smith.

Winner of the W D Wylie Cup for 3rd Year Girls: Eloise Gray.

Winner of the Fallon Cup for 3rd Year Boys: Ben Knox.

Winner of the Headmaster’s Cup for Senior Girls: Jessica Robertson.

Winner of the Cunningham Cup for Senior Boys: Jordan Robbins.

Scottish U15s’ Basketball Cup – Runners Up: Katy Amos, Maya Barnes, Erin Bell, Lucy De Los Santos, Maya Gent, Iona Goldie, Ellyn Humble, Beth Mackay, Alisha Mallen, Catriona McPheat, Jenna Peters, Emma Welsh and Katelyn Wilson.

East Lothian County Sports 2016 – New County Records: Emily MacGregor – S2 Girls’ 300m – 46.85s. Eloise Gray – S2 Girls’ 100m – 13.01s. Fraser Kelly – S3 Boys’ 800m – 2 min 17.35s. Cameron Steven – Senior Boys’ 1500m – 4min 06.97s. Eloise Gray, Emily MacGregor, Eva Smith, Freya Tranter – S2 Girls’ 4 x 100m Relay – 56.24s.

East Lothian County Sports 2017– Students Who Won Their Event: Elliot Young – Discus. Eloise Gray – 100m, 200m and Relay. Emily MacGregor – 300m and Relay. Wendee Williams – Discus. Ben Knox – 400m. Catriona McPheat – 300m and Relay. Ben Smith – 800m. Fraser Kelly – 1500m. Sylvie Fennell – Relay. Eva Smith – Relay. Jessica Robertson – Long Jump and Relay. Caitlin Daff – Discus, Shot and Relay. Eddi Armstrong – Relay.

Overall Winners for Senior Girls’ Category: Lucy Allan, Eddi Armstrong, Caitlin Daff, Catriona McPheat and Jessica Robertson.

East Lothian Cross Country S1 Boys’ Cross Country: Michael Wimbledon-Hall, Rhys Black, Sam Craigie, Jack Richmond, Findlay Thomson and Angus Williams.

S1 Girls’ Cross Country: Claudia Wight, Elise Allan, Lucy De Los Santos, Jennifer Jamieson, Abby MacGregor and Taelor Snaith.

S2 Boys’ Cross Country: Alex Gibb, Daniel Collin, Tony Kearney, Callum McCullough, Charlie Paxton and Gregor Ronan.

S2 Girls’ Cross Country: Flora Richards, Nancy Bird, Marissa Kelly, Alisha Mallen, Ellie Richards and Mia Wyatt.

S3 Boys’ Cross Country: Cameron Bullen, Finlay Hood, Mackenzie Lawler, Thomas Leitch, Euan Conner-MacRury and Archie Williams.

S3 Girls’ Cross Country: Freya Tranter, Eloise Gray, Lily King and Maggie Oliver.

Senior Boys’ Cross Country: Fraser Kelly.

Senior Girls’ Cross Country: Catriona McPheat, Caitlin Daff, Linda McCandlish, Jessica Robertson and Jodie Russell.

Winners of the U15 Scottish Rugby Union Schools’ Green Conference: Rowan Armatage, Aaron Chisholm, Ben Chisholm, Euan Conner-MacRury, Jack Forsyth, Finlay Hood, Thomas Leitch, Angus MacDougall, Cameron Miller, Ewan Miller, Luke Miller, Ben Pickles, Euan Ramage, Daniel Ramsay, Andrew Readman, Charlie Ross, Aaron Simpson, Ryan Sutherland and Archie Williams.

East Lothian Youth Games S1/S2 Girls’ Basketball: Katy Amos, Erin Bell, Jodie Bell, Fionny Davison, Iona Goldie, Ellyn Humble, Beth Mackay, Alisha Mallen, Leah Melrose, Jen Morris, Jenna Peters and Emily Rhodes.

S1/S2 Badminton and Runners-up in the Scottish National Badminton Quaich: Adam Barnes, Ewan Campbell, Lucy De Los Santos, Zola Lorimer, Louise Maguire, Kirsty Nicolson, Rowan Robertson, Gregor Ronan, Finlay Thomson and Charlotte Watt.

S1 Rugby and Winners of the East Lothian Schools’ Sevens Series: Ben Miller, Lewis Coulter, Rory Dowding, Joe Gibson, Billy Huntly, Max Huxstable-Short, Joe Kennedy, Dylan Kerr, Robbie Logan, Lochie Milne, Cameron Muir, Joshua Paterson, Callum Ramage, Dylan Sammels, Kit Savage, Findlay Thomson, Angus Williams, Michael Wimbledon-Hall and Elliott Young.

Overall sports attainment

S1 Sportsperson of the Year: Michael Wimbledon-Hall. S2 Sportsperson of the Year: Euan Campbell. S3 Sportsperson of the Year: Sylvie Fennell. S4 Sportsperson of the Year: Ricky Stewart. Senior Sports Person of the Year: Anique Burke. The Dunbar Grammar School Cup for Oustanding Achievement in Sport: Cameron Steven.

House Awards

Dyce Cup for Sports Day: Victoria (Jordan Robbins); Overall House Cup: Castle (Anique Burke).

Community Experience

Linda Ainslie Award for Community Experience: Lewis Campbell.

Subject presentations

Outstanding Ability and Potential in Art & Design Winner of the Carnegie Brown Shield: Dani Marrocco.

Outstanding Achievement in Art & Design Winner of the Bellevue Gallery Shield for Excellence in Art: Morgan Forbes.

Resilience in Biology The Elizabeth Layhe Cup: Nicole Gillies.

Outstanding Performance in Music

Winner of the Junior Music Trophy: Rowan Robertson. Winner of the Stevenson Intermediate Cup for Music: Moray McConnachie. Winner of the Mrs Y Henderson Senior Cup: Struan Young.

Outstanding Performance in Modern Languages

Joint Winners of The Dunbar Twinning Association Prize for Excellence in Modern Languages: Ruth Patterson and Anna Stevenson.

Overall Excellence in Broad General Education

Winner of the Anne Mitchell 1st Year Trophy: Abigail Sheridan. Winner of the Belhaven Brewery 2nd Year Trophy: Ellie Richards. Winner of the Elizabeth Main 3rd Year Trophy: Maggie Oliver.

Overall Academic Excellence

Joint winners of the Dunbar Grammar School Association 4th Year Trophy for Overall Academic Excellence: Alastair Campbell and Heather Dickson.

Winners of the Certificate for Achieving an A Pass in Six or More National 5 Qualifications: Alastair Bell, Michael Cavanagh, Louie Doig, Abigail Everard, Lauren Everard, Molly Farrington, Ben James-Dorin, Olivia Laird, Emma Lonie, Alison McLuckie, Catriona McPheat, Jack Miller, Thomas Mullender, Holly Nicholson, Jamie Nisbet, Paul Parkinson, Marcus Proctor, Beth Perdue, Lachlan Stewart and Connor Tierney.

Winner of the Jean Tennant Senior Trophy For Overall Academic Excellence in 5th Year: Heather Cameron.

Winners of Medals for Overall Academic Excellence in 5th Year: Arabella Baptie, Caitlin Daff and Morgan Forbes.

Winner of the School Council 6th Year Trophy: Jamie Payton.

Outgoing Head Girl/Head Boy Awards: Jessica Millar and Moray Donn.