THERE are no “immediate intentions” to reopen a path which has been closed for more than nine months following a landslip.

A section of the John Muir Way has been shut since the middle of January, with East Lothian Council looking to carry out repairs.

The route, which links Dunbar – Muir’s hometown – to Helensburgh, on Scotland’s west coast, was opened in April 2014.

The section of path, near the town’s swimming pool and war memorial, looks set to be closed for the foreseeable future.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “The John Muir Way has been temporarily relocated slightly above the damaged area, which remains out of use.

“There are no immediate intentions to do anything further at this stage and council staff continue to monitor the landslip area.”

Pippa Swan, chairwoman of Dunbar Community Council, stressed that East Lothian Council found itself in a difficult financial position.

That, in turn, meant there was unlikely to be funding available to find a solution and fix the path.

She said: “People can still continue a walk – they have just got to move uphill a bit. They can still have a walk on the John Muir Way.”