The challenges the council faces in dealing with the significant unanticipated costs for the Loch Centre swimming pool, Preston Lodge High School and Brunton Hall are well understood.

Nonetheless, it was very disappointing to read the article about the proposed long-term closure of Tranent swimming pool. The swimming club well expressed the devastation that many will feel about the future of the pool. Tranent is the only major town in East Lothian without a functioning pool and currently has the second largest population in the county.

Given the demographics and growth of the population, most would consider a pool an essential amenity for Tranent and its wider community.

It’s particularly unfortunate to have to wait 11 months for any information on the future of the pool. The response of the council, as reported in the Courier, lacked detail and many would appreciate knowing a bit more about what options were considered for the pool, including timescale and potential funding sources.

It appears that a thorough examination of the Loch Centre was undertaken, with several areas identified as needing upgraded or repaired. However, it’s not clear whether these issues can be dealt with in a phased approach or all at one time.

Given the urgent need to reopen the pool, was a temporary but safe “quick fix” considered for the roof to allow it to reopen as soon as possible?

In terms of funding, is any of the money the council receives from housebuilders allocated to amenities and infrastructure beyond that for building the new schools?

Given the scale of building works in and around Tranent, it would be reasonable to expect some benefit for the wider community. Haddington, for example, is to have their gym facilities extended because of the population growth and rightly so. It’s a pity that Tranent does not, at present, have the equity of access to sports facilities that all the other large towns in the county benefit from.

It would be helpful if the council would provide more detail on future plans so that users of the centre had a better idea of what is to happen to their important community resource.

John Sowerby

Carlaverock Drive