An application to turn a family home in North Berwick into a holiday let has been approved unanimously by councillors, despite objections.

Klaus Frommel, of 32 Douglas Marches, North Berwick, had submitted an application to turn his five-bedroom home into a short-term holiday let during the summer months.

At a meeting of East Lothian Council’s licensing sub-committee last Thursday, Mr Frommel faced questions on his claim that the let would only be for “families and golfers” and that he would strongly vet any potential guests for stays during July and August.

Mr Frommel faced 16 objections from neighbours and other members of the public, who feared that guests could host parties at the home, damage the family feeling of the area and create parking problems.

He said at the meeting: “I am really sorry to worry my neighbours, it wasn’t my intention and I was a bit disappointed to get some objections. I live in a good neighbourhood, I like my neighbours and I don’t want them to worry.

“The only way I can supplement my pension is to use my house for short lets.

“The house will only be let for a few weeks per year, I will only accept families and golfers. There will be no access to the garden unless my neighbours are OK with that. I have very clear house rules and I will restrict any guests to a maximum of two cars in front of my property. Guests will be vetted properly and I think there will be an average of six people or less in the property at one time.

“I have a double garage; one half of the double garage is a converted room where I will stay during the guests’ stay.”

Two objectors spoke at the meeting, both neighbours, who raised concerns about noise management and the safety of young children in the street with cars coming in and out.

Councillor John McMillan said: “I do think there is a demand for this kind of tourism accommodation in the area.

“I hear objectors’ concerns about the nature of the site, but there are other means of which they could make complaints through environmental health and so on, and that would be available whether the house was let or not.

“I do think we have to give the business a try, and I would suggest that we give this two years from now and then we could review the whole situation. But I would want to see an approval for a clear set of house rules and guidance on that.”

Councillors agreed unanimously to grant the application for two years as opposed to three to allow them to review how the business operates and weigh it against community concerns.