SHOPLIFTING is no longer a persistent high street problem but now a shocking form of targeted looting. Kate Graham, operations head of Scotland’s Co-op, calls it “anarchy”, with organised criminals stealing premium goods for resale.

Let’s be clear: these aren’t people struggling to feed their families. Shoplifting is lower than in 2019, but all Scottish Grocers’ Federation members suffer daily thefts.

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East Lothian’s well-being remains my priority but – once again – we’re impacted by events beyond Scotland’s control. Meeting President Macron, Keir Starmer could have abandoned the false assertion that “there is no case for rejoining the EU” but instead avoided solid commitments on undoing Brexit damage.

Professor John Curtice warns Lib Dems that failing to reject Brexit is costing them votes. In Scotland, only the SNP unequivocally backs EU membership.

East Lothian Courier: Paul McLennan, MSP for East LothianPaul McLennan, MSP for East Lothian

The clear majority favour rejoining, more than those supporting independence – yet independence is the only route back to the single market, customs union, and wider European integration for our children and grandchildren.

Rishi Sunak is “looking the British people in the eye”, offering “pragmatism” on climate change. But what about Scotland?

Even during the pandemic, 79 per cent thought climate change “an immediate and urgent problem”. Sunak’s u-turn on net zero, supposedly helping hard-working families, abandons the requirement for landlords to ensure that rental homes are energy efficient.

A hard-to-heat home makes energy bills higher for tenants, not lower; poorly insulated housing means more harmful emissions. Delaying boiler replacements ties more people for longer to expensive gas, and does nothing to reduce emissions. Worse for tenants, worse for homeowners, worse for the planet.

East Lothian’s Westminster parties are already using local issues to campaign for the (fast) approaching election. The county has choices. To reinforce three massive errors – austerity, Brexit and climate change u-turns – vote Tory. For Brexit, broken promises and London rule – vote Labour.

Voting SNP means a green, well-being economy; equality and accountability underpinned by fair voting; and rejoining the EU.

HS2 shows Westminster can’t even run a railway – why trust them to run Scotland?