Two community groups have teamed up to help beautify and improve the visitor experience in North Berwick.

Bass Rock Community Group (BRCG) joined forces with North Berwick Men’s Shed to install new dog poo signage.

They were motivated by having to pick up discarded doo poo bags during the BRCG’s regular litter picks on the town beaches.

Members were “so fed up” with seeing the bags, in particular in two places on West Beach, they decided to do something about it.

East Lothian Council did not have the money or capacity to introduce new waste bins, so members designed a notice that Men’s Shed members turned into signs.

They remind people not to drop their poo bags and indicate where and how far the nearest bins are.

Both signs are on West Beach, where the issue was most prevalent.

BRCG had also been concerned about the condition of benches on Coo’s Green.

Again, East Lothian Council did not have the resources to refurbish the seats. It did, though, provide Men’s Shed with wood to replace rotten slats.

BRCG members then undercoated and painted all the benches. A spokesperson for the group encouraged those interested in helping in the community to join them.

They said: “The Bass Rock Community Group gets involved in many different things – that’s its attraction.

“It’s made up of singles, couples, families and retired people all wanting to put something back into our community and they have a lot of fun whilst doing so.!

“It’s never boring and we enjoy regular socials as well! Please have a look at our Facebook page and come and try us out.”

North Berwick Men’s Shed is a place where men can work and relax, pursue hobbies, share skills and chat.

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