Tranent, Wallyford and Macmerry ward councillor Kenny McLeod has expressed his frustration at the lack of detail in community police reports, saying he just wants an “idiot’s guide” to what is going on.

A monthly report was given out to members of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council at April’s meeting which detailed the crimes in the area over the previous month.

Mr McLeod said he was frustrated by the lack of detail provided by police about what crimes took place.

He said: “I just want an idiot’s guide in this report as to what crimes are happening, what the issues are and what police are doing.

“I look at this report and it doesn’t make that clear. I just think it could be much clearer.

“If it was clearer, we could then look more at how we can help. But with this report I find that difficult.”

However, Mike Falconer, chair of the community council, felt the report was much better than it had previously been.

He said: “I think the reality is that this is the best we are going to get and, if I am being honest, it is a vast improvement on what we were receiving previously. This now, at least, details what some of the priorities are as opposed to the spreadsheet format before.”

The latest report explained that a partnership operation had been undertaken to tackle the inappropriate use of off-road motorcycles in the area, resulting in two males being identified and charged during the operation.

It also detailed that police had carried out patrols along Tranent High Street after reports of youths vandalising bus stops. Officers engaged positively with the youths and no further anti-social behaviour was detected.

Mr Falconer said: “I think it is positive that police have taken some of our concerns about the motorcycles and anti-social behaviour seriously and I am pleased with the outcome.”

Between March 21 and April 17, 328 calls to police were recorded from the Tranent and Elphinstone area, resulting in police recording 41 crimes.

The most common crimes recorded were theft (10), shoplifting (five) and threatening and abusive behaviour (four).

Inspector Dougie Wardell, East Lothian deputy local area commander, told the Courier: “A new format of reporting to community councils was rolled out across the Lothians and Scottish Borders Division from February 2023 to ensure consistency with all our community officers and the meetings they attend.

“The format is designed to provide an overview of recorded crime on a monthly basis and breaks down the recorded crimes for each area under the most appropriate policing priority.

“The main forum for our officers to discuss local issues with their respective community councils and elected representatives, in order to identify priorities, are the six-weekly community and police partnership meetings (CAPP). Concerns raised in the community can be fed into the regular CAPP discussions so that emerging and ongoing issues can be appropriately targeted.”