Artistic children have come together to create striking ‘totem poles’ along the beach.

The ones in North Berwick were built on the town’s West Beach by youngsters who took part in an Easter camp run by Little Artists.

The group is headed by Mel Chambers, a 52-year-old artist with a desire to foster artistic endeavours in primary age children.

She said: “I was trying to use the totem pole to show the kids that before mobile phones or books, or before people could read or write, there has been art.

“It was to get the kids to think that art has been around for ages. It’s a fundamental skill we all have and it’s really useful.”

The poles were accented by ribbons and wool to create eye-catching and colourful structures.

Mel stressed that getting children outside the classroom helped their imagination.

She added: “It doesn’t have to be all watercolours and paintbrushes, it can be a bit more 3D.”

She said it was important to give children the opportunity to explore their love of art and creativity.

She added: “If you speak to a five-year-old child, they think they are a brilliant artist and it’s such a shame that wears off somehow.

“So this is my first holiday art camp to try and make sure that, when you are a child, you’ve got this artistic ability that is nurtured.”

Mel started Little Artists’ weekly classes in North Berwick Community Centre earlier this year.

She said: “I was working as a nanny for some children last year and I thought I could combine the enjoyment of art and my love of little kids!”