A BAND who recorded their debut album in a living room are offering people the chance to go go-karting with them in a bid to raise £20,000.

Three-piece racecar have launched a crowdfunding campaign in a bid to create a professional follow-up to their debut album, Orange Car.

The five-figure sum would be used to get into a recording studio, create music videos and also hire session musicians.

Calum Mason, who plays bass in the band, said: “It would make a huge difference.

“We also have external musicians coming in for this album. We want a string quartet and we want a brass section. We are going to be able to pay all those musicians to come in and perform.

“We want to be using their expertise to make the album sound a lot grander and a lot more ambitious. We are very ambitious and try to stretch our limitations as far as we can. This money will make any ambitions we do have so much more realistic.

“The debut album was quite successful.”

'Up our game'

One of the singles from Orange Car featured on BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week, while the follow-up was chosen as BBC Scotland The Afternoon Show’s Track of the Week.

Calum, who grew up in Haddington and attended Knox Academy, was keen for the new album, Pink Car, to follow on a similar path.

Along with bandmates Robin Brill, who plays guitar, and Izzy Flower, who sings, plays keys and synthesiser, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched.

People can donate anything from £5, which results in the donor being listed in the credits on the Pink Car USB sticks, to £200 for the chance to take to the track and enjoy a go-karting race with the trio.

Donors pledging £500 or more will receive a full band live show in a venue of their choice.

Callum, 33, said: “We basically invested in the first album as much as we could.

“When you are self-releasing your album, self-promoting, it is a very expensive process.

“Even then, we did not get to meet our ambitions; we just did not have enough money.

“This is to help us up our game a little bit and cover the studio time, the mixing and the mastering of the album.

“It will cover promotion and, so long as we meet our target, which is quite a large target of £20,000, we will also be able to pay for the videography, all the artwork and photography.”

The debut album was recorded in Izzy’s mum’s house in Dunbar before it was mixed in a studio in Glasgow.

Calum works in Sports Direct, while Izzy fixes bikes and Robin is an apprentice electrician.

The bassist added: “Obviously, we have our day jobs.

“This is the thing we love doing, our passion, and we love writing music together, performing music together.

“To get this opportunity to put a little bit of money towards the album is super exciting.”

The band are already on the verge of reaching their target, having raised more than £19,000.

Creative Scotland has vowed to match individual pledges up to £10,000 and will match any individual pledge up to £250 like-for-like.

Go to crowdfunder.co.uk/p/pink-car to support racecar.