Trends come and go on TikTok and the OkOkOkOk or LaLaLaLa is perhaps one of the strangest and silly to go viral on the video-sharing app. 

Inspired by the popular Tyler the Creator's song, 'See You Again' featuring Kali Uchis, a new quiz is now taking over the platform.

TikTokers have been known to embrace some very random fads with open arms including everything from the mental age test to the human feeling quiz.

Here's everything you need to know about the latest craze and how you can answer the all-important question - are you an OkOkOkOk or a LaLaLaLa?

OkOkOkOk or LaLaLaLa meaning on TikTok

@analfab3tyzm #okokok #lalala #okokoklalala #tylerthecreator ♬ original sound - Nevon

The latest personality quiz is supposed to show what 'vibe' you give off - whether you are more even-tempered and introverted or if you're more free-spirited and extroverted.

Your 'vibe' can be determined in two different ways.

The first is by listening to the song See You Again featuring Kali Uchis by Tyler the Creator.

If you hear (and join in with) Tyler's singing first, you're an OkOkOkOk.

And if you hear and join in with Kali's part first you are a 'LaLaLaLa'.

For those who only sing in the shower, there is another way to figure out what your vibe is. 

@whocarebearsx which one are you? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #lalalala #okokokok #tylerthecreator #lalalavsokokok #lalalachallenge #flowerboy #kaliuchis #seeyouagain #seeyouagainchallenge ♬ original sound - Nevon

Created by Uquiz user MintySoap, you can answer a 11-question quiz to find out which camp your personality falls into.

The test asks you to consider various scenarios from what you would do if you found out you favourite singer was problematic to what your ideal pet is. 

In the end, you'll either be a LaLaLaLa which is described as a "basically a fairy fluttering by on a dandelion puff on a warm spring day".

@cocojaybae its just my take on it but i feel like its the most fitting! #fyp #lalalalalala #okokok ♬ som original - vinizito

Or you'll be an OkOkOkOk which the quiz creator explains is "basically the feeling of headbopping to ur fav song w a friend on a road trip w sunnies on."

Join in on the fun via the UQuiz website.

Okay, so it might not have scientific backing but social media users have been having a lot of fun sharing their results. 


Another person chimed in:"I used to be lalalala and now i'm okokokok, i think."

While a third posted:"Im lalalala outside but okokokok inside."