THE Fraser Centre in Tranent is screening 65 (12A), starring Adam Driver, tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm.

After a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills quickly discovers he is actually stranded on Earth 65 million years ago.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods (12A) is screened tomorrow at 10am and on Saturday at 2pm.

In a sequel to the 2019 DC Comics movie, Billy Batson and his fellow foster kids are still learning how to juggle teenage life with their adult superhero alter egos.

When a vengeful trio of ancient gods arrive on Earth in search of the magic stolen from them long ago, Shazam and his allies get thrust into a battle for their superpowers, their lives and the fate of the world.

Tickets for both films are £5 each and can be purchased on The Fraser Centre website.