TREES have been planted along a route into Dunbar – nearly two years after it was suggested by a community councillor who has since died.

Herbert Coutts was keen for trees to be planted along Queen’s Road as an attractive entrance way to the town.

Discussions at the community council’s meeting in 2021 came about after East Lothian Council revealed work to develop an East Lothian Climate Forest.

Part of the project is for the local authority to work with partners to plant trees alongside new developments, with hopes that two million trees could be planted over a 10-year period.

At the meeting in March 2021, Mr Coutts said: “I walk along Queen’s Road quite a bit, heading in the direction of the cement works.

“I don’t go that far but there are verges there where trees could be planted to create an avenue. ”

Last month, Jacquie Bell, Dunbar Community Council secretary, updated members on the proposal.

She said: “Since the agenda was set, various trees have been planted.

“Cherry trees on Queen’s Road, which was what Herbert suggested.”

Mr Coutts was a member of the community council for 15 years, up until his death on April 11 last year following a short illness.