A SNACK van at a coastal hot spot will remain in place for at least another three years.

East Lothian Council had previously offered businesses the chance to operate from coastal car parks throughout the county.

Matsform Ltd was given the go ahead by members of the local authority’s planning committee in December 2021 to open at the car park off Belhaven’s Shore Road.

Now, the business has been given the green light to extend its stay – despite concerns from both Dunbar and West Barns community councils.

Both groups noted that the business had not appeared on site until August last year, with those behind the snack van putting the delay down to difficulties with the supplier of the van.

Both community councils agreed the van could remain in place but there were calls for greater monitoring of road safety in the area.

According to the planning officer’s report: “It therefore was not in place at the peak of the tourist season.

“Therefore, consideration could not be made of its impact on the Shore Road area which can be very busy with tourist traffic, particularly for the surf school.

“There are concerns about the size of the van on the narrow Shore Road where two cars cannot safely pass.

“There are also concerns about the safety of the van entering/exiting the junction of Shore Road with Edinburgh Road which is an accident black spot.

“It is noted that East Lothian Council Roads have for some time been considering improvements to the junction.

“They also state that they have concerns about the safety of the van crossing to the stance near the stile at busy periods and at periods of heavy rain.”

The area is popular with families, surfers, horse riders, dog walkers and ramblers.

The local authority felt having the business in the area “would benefit and further the enjoyment of the visiting public”.