MUSICIANS have taken their instruments under the sea for their latest music video.

Lewis Williamson and Helen Le–Mar braved the chilly waters off the coast of Dunbar for their band Yoko Pwno’s latest track Mercedes Gleitze.

Fittingly, Mercedes, who died in 1981, was the first known person to swim the Straits of Gibraltar and the first British woman to swim the English Channel.

Fiddle player Lewis, who was joined by filmmaker Glenda Rome, said: “We just held our breath and I had a pair of goggles, shirt and tie on for added ridiculousness.

“I was holding my breath but the issue was the fiddle was floating up to the surface a bit.

“There is some footage where Helen is holding me under the water, trying to kind of drown me, but we cut that!

“We got as much footage as could on an afternoon. Some of it was a bit murky and there was quite a lot of seaweed around but the way Glenda has stitched it all together is really impressive.

“There are some really cool shots with the GoPro [camera] starting above the water and sinking under.”

The unusual idea for the track’s video stemmed from the six-piece band, who are from Dunbar and Edinburgh, performing at last year’s Fringe by the Sea in North Berwick.

East Lothian Courier: Yoko Pwno will reveal their new music video today (Thursday). Image: Kirstin McEwan

Yoko Pwno will reveal their new music video today (Thursday). Image: Kirstin McEwan

Lewis, who works at Dunbar Community Bakery, told the Courier: “The inside of the tent, it was lit up with blue lights and looked quite aquatic.

“To add to the mix, Helen is a keen swimmer and just got herself a GoPro that allows us to film underwater. That was a sort of challenge accepted and we thought we would take it into the sea and start to do some filming.

“When I stumbled across a £10 violin from Dunbar Zero Waste, I thought it would be potentially an interesting little project and a bit silly.”

Filming took place in September at the beach by Dunbar Castle, with the new track  just released on Thursday.

Joining Lewis and Helen in the band, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a gig at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh on April 14, are Lissa Robertson (fiddle and singer), Gary Rafferty (banjo), Calum Cummins (guitar and saxophone) and Ali Hutchison (drums).

They thanked filmmaker Glenda for her help in putting together the video, which will be unveiled on YouTube.

Lewis said: “What I was really struck by [playing underwater], is that it was not that different [from playing normally] apart from the fiddle trying to float to the surface! It still resonates and makes a noise. You can hear it under the water but the downside is the fiddle soon starts falling apart.

“The wood soaks up the water, cracking at the seams – it is a one-time thing.

“It actually sounded OK, though. I was impressed!”